Truck services

In Bremerhaven we maintain modern workshops for the repair of trucks of all types and brands. For emergency-repairs we maintain a 24 hour call-service and a fleet of mobile service-units operating outside of our stationary facilities.

Chassis services

We service and repair container-chassis and trailers of all types and brands. Our package of services include all official inspections and security checks required by German law.

Services for Agricultural Machinery

Our many years of technical skill and experience gained in the course of repairing forklifts, trucks and chassis is the basis for the wide range of services to agricultural machinery like tractors, harvesters, seeders and related equipment.

Services RoRo / Rolltrailers

We service and repair onboard equipment like decklifters, tugmasters, forklifts, sweepers and service-cars. These services are performed either direct onboard of vessel or in our workshops both at Bremerhaven or in partner-workshops in other ports worldwide.